“The Theatre’s Mecca”

Toga Art Park of Toyama Prefecture –a global base for the performing arts–

The Toga Art Park of Toyama Prefecture is a performing arts establishment unique in the world, comprised of residence halls, rehearsal halls and seven theatres, including an amphitheatre and Japan’s largest gassho-zukuri (thatched-roof mountain farmhouse).

It is an internationalized “space” that has produced many talented theatre artists around the world, allowing them to encounter each other through the sublime natural environment which lies at the root of traditional culture. For this reason Toga has become known around the world as “The Mecca of Theatre”.

In addition to its role as home base for the internationally active Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) led by Tadashi Suzuki, the Toga Art Park is also notable for other activities such as:

  • International exchange between SCOT and organizations like the Moscow Art Theatre and the Central Academy of Drama, China
  • Implementation of national and international programs in the Suzuki Method of Actor Training
  • Hosting of lectures to analyze contemporary issues and examine Japanese society
  • Arts education for young people